It’s official….the old AUGI forums are BACK!!!

The original AUGI forums have now been restored in the old vBulletin format!

I am sure there will be many a happy forum user now that order has been restored!

Here is the quote from the official AUGI blog, BLAUGI…. (just use the link here if you want!) online…and so are the old forums!

The website has been restored with the “old” vBulletin forum system as well. Close to 1million posts are back, exactly where they were, and any and all posts referencing them since the beginning in 2003 should hit their mark.

For the moment the URL to the ExpressionEngine forums can still be found if you need. You cannot post there anymore. In short order the content will be migrated and merged with the vB forums.

It should be noted that you are encouraged to totally clean your AUGI related “cookies” to aid in a successful login. See a recent BLAUGI post for more specifics. Visit for full access.

As quoted above, you will need to clean out your AUGI cookies for a successful first-time login and if you need any details on this there are various posts to check (see above).

In the meantime, enjoy getting back on the forums!

Happy forum-ing!



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