Autodesk updates AutoCAD WS!

OK, just a quick blog today as I am preparing for my AU Virtual Product Clinic today.

If you want to attend my product clinic, please check my previous post for details!

So, down to AutoCAD WS business. I am a big fan of AutoCAD WS and it even works well over a USB modem plugged in to my laptop, so full credit for mobility goes to Autodesk! Anyone who wants to buy me an iPad for Christmas to test it further, please let me know! LOL.

Here is the official Autodesk press release link here or you can copy and paste the full link below:

The main updates to AutoCAD WS are as follows: –

Offline support:
Most requested from existing AutoCAD WS users, designs can now be viewed and edited from mobile devices, without the need for Internet connectivity.

Direct file uploads from an iPad:
Users can now open an email attachment and upload it to their AutoCAD WS account directly from their device.

Simplified gesture interface:
Editing, drawing and markup has been enhanced to be more intuitive and similar to AutoCAD.

As usual, the new version can be downloaded from the AppStore or can be downloaded from

Enjoy WS’ing!



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