Autodesk in the cloud – AutoCAD WS and the AutoCAD 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack

Since attending the AutoCAD for Mac Bloggers Reception a few weeks ago, I have really been looking forward to this! Autodesk have been running Project Butterfly for some time now and now it has come to fruition as AutoCAD WS which can be found at It goes live today! AutoCAD WS is an amazing app that runs on both Windows and Apple operating systems and provides the ability to upload AutoCAD drawings to the “cloud” (which I am sure you have all heard about). Basically, you are using virtual servers courtesy of new technology to collaborate on the SAME drawing! (Yep, I did say the same drawing). Check it out below.


Your drawings can be stored online and you can view and EDIT DWG files online using a PC or a Mac. How cool is that? You and a colleague could be on other sides of the world and working on the same DWG (time zones and bandwidth permitting!). Not just that, you can run the AutoCAD WS Mobile app on any iOS. You’re now thinking, what is an iOS? It means you can run the mobile app on any Apple mobile device, so we are talking iPhone, iPod Touch and the latest and greatest, iPad as well! The mobile app is a cut down version of the full AutoCAD WS but it makes you completely mobile when you collaborate….very useful on a factory floor or a construction site, for example. Those DWG files that you are working on can also be updated direct from full AutoCAD using the AutoCAD WS plugin for AutoCAD. So the DWG files will always be up to date! Running AutoCAD WS Mobile on an iPad seems like a great idea due to screen size but how about on an iPhone or iPod Touch, surely it won’t be very clear? Let’s check it out!


So above we have it on the iPad, using Edit Text (upper pic) and using greyscale to view
looks great doesn’t it? As you can see the Apple iOS provides clear, clean graphics and with the versatility of the iPad, you can work effectively and productively. So, what happens if you use an iPhone or iPod Touch? Let’s see below.


As you can see, even on a small screen like the iPhone, the graphics are clear and easy to read. You can manage your drawings (upper pic) and use tools such as MEASURE (lower pic), even on an iPhone. How wicked cool is that? 🙂 Plus, it is available on the iTunes App Store! Click on the link to see.

Another rather cool addition for all you subscription customers out there is the AutoCAD 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack. This gives AutoCAD 2011 subscription customers some rather cool tools as well.


You now have the DWG Convert tool (previously in DWG TrueView) to run in AutoCAD so you can batch convert DWG up and down through DWG versions making life so much easier.

You also have an IGES Import/Export tool making working with 3D models real easy!


So, overall, you have a pretty superb package from Autodesk today; AutoCAD WS for collaboration in the “cloud” plus iOS support and the AutoCAD 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack.

Who says you don’t get your money’s worth from Autodesk?




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