CAD Gorilla – AutoCAD 2011 Essentials released!

I am very pleased to say that CAD Gorilla have released their AutoCAD 2011 Essentials video learning title!

Check out the trailer here….

CAD Gorilla are a focused company who specialise in providing high-quality video learning material for Autodesk users. They also provide video learning titles for Inventor and Revit. They are a great bunch of guys who make learning CAD products fun! Check out their CAD Gorilla trailer with the chimpanzee on the typewriter and you’ll see what I mean! LOL 🙂

I am honoured to say that I was asked by CAD Gorilla to author their AutoCAD 2011 Essentials course and working with these guys is great. They have enthusiasm for their products but, most importantly, they have a sense of humour. They realise that CAD isn’t sometimes the most exciting topic in the world, right? So, CAD Gorilla put their take on it and, hey presto, you have an exciting learning product that is current and packaged in a way that it makes you want to buy it and get learning. I mean, I wrote the AutoCAD 2011 Essentials title and I would go out and buy it, yeah?

CAD Gorilla are worth watching! Check out their other Autodesk titles at

Happy CADD’ing!



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