Yesterday and today…

Apologies for a severe lack of posts. Life has been hectic to say the least!

This is not a CAD related post today. As the title of my blog goes, Not Just CAD!


Yesterday was a great day.

Angel (my first song to be released) was released on iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody and Amazon MP3. Look up “Shaun C Bryant” and you’ll find me! 🙂

So now I feel a tiny bit like a rockstar! I can see why artists get excited about new releases. As soon as I saw that ReverbNation had delivered Angel to the online retailers, I went straight to my iTunes account. It was then that I realised that I hadn’t used iTunes for a long while and had forgotten my account details (must be gettin’ old!). So, one new iTunes account later, I was staring at my laptop screen and there I was on iTunes. Loads of emotions and thoughts went through my head. That’s me. The whole world can download me. It is the weirdest feeling. On a par with when I first heard Wolfman play Angel on Wolf Radio Network on the Internet that time (or even times now!). You sort of feel like you’ve arrived, like all the hard work was worth it. Even if I only get a handful of people download it, it means something.

More importantly, the whole world now know exactly how I feel about my Angel. My beautiful Angel who saved me and makes me who I am today. So Angel, this one is for you!

On another note I spent a superb night in the studio last night, working on my new track, Heroin For The Soul. I managed to lay down a vocal framework for my producer, the excellent David Baird, and we now have a template to lay everything down to, so it is all systems go!

Thank you to everyone. I have had so much support from family, friends and just about everyone else I know. It makes you realise that all the hard work you put in is worth it.

Love and peace to you all, and if you haven’t downloaded Angel yet, where have you been? 🙂


Today is two things. It is Armistice Day. The day we remember our family, friends and comrades who have fallen in combat serving their country. We also must remember all who are still serving in foreign lands fighting with pride, grit and determination.

Today is also the funeral of a very good friend of mine, Sandra Hurley. Sandra was a great colleague of mine when I worked at MASS. Surrogate mum, friend, confidante and the lady who always laughed and made everyone else laugh. A breath of fresh air, always happy, always smiling. She will be missed. Safe journey, Sandra….thinking of you.

Enough said.



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