Shaan Hurley of Autodesk becomes an FM guru?

I have always been a follower of Shaan Hurley of Autodesk. Firstly, he is extremely knowledgable and cool. Secondly, though, where does he find the time to blog all the time? Come on Shaan, give it up, how do you do it? LOL

On a serious note, Shaan has come up with a superb method of calculating areas of AutoCAD hatch patterns using fields and then tabulating the areas using the AutoCAD TABLE command.

Check it out by clicking here.

The main reason this caught my eye is that this could have a superb Facilities Management (FM) application for anyone out there not using proprietary FM software with AutoCAD. You could hatch all your spaces and/or rooms using this method and tabulate them and work out your total floor area and so on. Try it!

Of course, you could go down the Autodesk FMDesktop route too but that is my biased opinion!

So, what do you think, can we make Shaan an honorary FM’er? I think so! Thanks, Shaan!

Happy CAD’ing New Year!



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