Quick Tip for AutoCAD: Get some training! – An example of what NOT to do!

Dear All

I hope you had a great weekend. I spent some of mine teaching my 7 year old son and 12 year old daughter how to play baseball with my dad (grandad). I was expecting my son to wallop the ball and lose it (he has a tendency to do that sort of thing – you know how young boys are, right?). Surprise, surprise, my dad (who is 68 by the way) hit the ball the furthest and we had to lower my son over a fence in to a cornfield to retrieve our ball! Our big adventure for a Sunday afternoon! LOL

On a professional note, as you are already probably aware, I work closely with the Virtual Training Company (VTC) writing video learning courses for AutoCAD. As an instructor and training consultant on AutoCAD, I cannot stress enough the need for appropriate AutoCAD training, whether it be in the classroom, on video, from books, or wherever you may find it.

The UK distributor for VTC emailed me this example of what NOT to do with AutoCAD. It highlights the need for training and learning on AutoCAD to ensure that costly errors like this aren’t made at the point of construction.

Check out the link here. It is a news story in one of our UK national newspapers, the Daily Mail. If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL in to your browser;


In this example, it is obvious that the AutoCAD user and the planning authority need to have to have their day in court to sort this one out, but with the right training, none of this should have happened!

To get the RIGHT training and make sure YOU don’t make costly mistakes, check out the current VTC AutoCAD titles I have authored for VTC below. Further AutoCAD 2010 titles are due out soon!


Quickstart: AutoCAD 2010 (online only)

AutoCAD 2009: Mastering Basic 2D Concepts

AutoCAD 2009: Certified Associate

AutoCAD 2009: Certified Professional

Happy AutoCAD’ing (check that plot scale! – LOL).



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