Multiple screen captures? A doddle with Techsmith SnagIt 9!

Hello all and here is my first “proper” TypePad post!

I write alot of manuals for my clients and I use a fantastic piece of software called SnagIt. Written by Techsmith (, it provides a superb suite of neat little tools that allow you to pretty much “snag” any piece of on-screen information.

It now also has a much more sophisticated SnagIt Editor.

I get their regular tips and tricks email and this one about multiple screen captures really caught my eye as I could see it being useful for me and the way that I work writing AutoCAD manuals and the like!

The URL link is here as the actual URL text is quite long but I do hope that you watch this and utilise it.

Even better still, I hope you decide to use SnagIt!

It is a very cool piece of software!

Have fun!



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