Fame and notoriety! Shaun is VERY excited!!!

Well, had to get your attention somehow, didn’t I? LOL

I am VERY excited though! I post an AutoCAD Quick Tip (No.1 in this case) and a day later, I am “famous”! I am on Heidi Hewett’s blog (yes, Heidi Hewett from Autodesk!) with my AutoCAD 2009 Quick Tip No.1!

There you go! The benefits of submitting a tip on AutoCAD Exchange!

Anyway, many thanks to Paul Munford for letting me know!

Paul has commented on my blog so he WILL get blog candy.

Have you commented yet? You too can have blog candy (VTC shirts or VTC NFR video training software) if you comment on my blog.

I am extending the deadline to next week (10th April 2009), so get commenting (please)!

In the meantime, I am going to bask in the spotlight and enjoy my “fame and notoriety” as Paul so kindly put it! LOL



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