Check out Lynn Allen’s new layout Hip Tip!

Well, it has been a tough few weeks. My father-in-law passed away recently and life has been (and still is) a bit surreal at the moment. So I haven’t been around as much as I would like to be. I have had a large number of kind messages from people so thank you to all concerned.

OK, so yes, I am a Lynn Allen fan, but I also class Lynn as a good friend. She has done a HUGE amount for AUGIuk and nothing is ever too much trouble for her so thanks, Lynn! She also made my new wife and I very comfortable at Autodesk University 2008 in Las Vegas last year. Michelle (my new wife) and I got married in Las Vegas just before AU and Lynn organised a few surprises! Check out my Facebook profile (Shaun Bryant – London – you’ll recognise me!) for the wedding photos and the photos from the AU party!

Lynn has come up with a superb Hip Tip that allows you to check out an excellent feature in AutoCAD that allows you to take a layout from one drawing to another….from a DWG not a DWT!…Cool, huh? Bet you never knew it was there! Click here to go to Lynn’s blog page for that particular Hip Tip!

Talking of Facebook, join the “Not Just CAD!” Facebook group! Go to and look for “Not Just CAD!” in the search box. (Please note: you will need to set up a Facebook profile if you are not already an existing Facebook user).

Happy Facebook’ing!



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