AutoCAD: No Experience Required – Donnie Gladfelter

I am extremely honoured to have been given the chance to review AutoCAD 2011: No Experience Required written by the legendary Donnie Gladfelter of fame.

Donnie is a recognised expert in his field, both as a consultant and trainer of AutoCAD and has written a superb book for anyone who wants to learn how to use AutoCAD and, as the title goes, there is no previous experience required.

Donnie has created an excellent resource for any novice or existing user who may have only dabbled with AutoCAD. It gives consise, easy to understand instructions on a log cabin project from start to finish from a blank drawing to rendered 3D images.

I also found that it was very difficult to put down! Donnie’s writing style is very easy to read and makes for very interesting reading. I loved the way Donnie adds notes and tips and comments that are pertinent to the main commentary. They are very informative and once in a while you think to yourself, “Wow, I didn’t know that!” I have used AutoCAD for the last 22 years and I was still finding little tips and tricks that I didn’t know about. Thanks, Donnie!

I must tell you about a few things that I really liked about Donnie’s AutoCAD book…..

1. I really liked the graphics in the book that showed the AutoCAD icons. Alot of books I have read about AutoCAD make these way too small. In Donnie’s book, they are clear and the right size. Cool!

2. The section on the US National CAD Standard was very well explained and clear. Donnie made it very easy to understand.

3. I never knew that the Alt key on the keyboard displayed the AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts! 😉

4. The 3D section is excellent. Clear and simple. It explains the transition from 2D to 3D really well. Even for a grizzled old AutoCAD veteran like me! LOL.

Overall, a superb learning resource for complete novices and experienced users alike.

Donnie, you have done a great job here by bringing all of the necessary information together in to the one book.

I give it a resounding recommendation to everyone who reads my blog!

if you check out Donnie’s blog,, you can click on the link to get his book and check out his superb blog too. You can also join the AutoCAD No Experience Required group on Facebook!

Job well done, Donnie, and send Willem at Wiley my best wishes!

Happy reading, everyone!



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